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I offer bespoke coaching calls for women who need advice or guidance within both their personal and professional life.
We get into the guts that make you who you are and see where you can switch up your current routine and make your life your dream.
If you have never thought of seeking advice from a coach or mentor, I strongly advise individuals to look deep into where they think they are struggling the most in their life and ask themselves whom they go to for advice. 
Usually, these are family or friends who offer somewhat biased opinions on personal issues. We never really take on their advice and we get stuck in the same situations on and on... spending years on apps and crystals to better our life or manifest more positivity.

Sometimes you need a Boss Bitch Mentor to kick your butt into shape and tell you where and why things aren't happening for you the way you'd hoped.

That's where I come in, so if you're ready for some REAL LIFE decisions to be made and some REAL CHANGE, get in touch below.

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12 Week Program

BYOB: Escape the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss


Make this year the year you Escape the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss. Join the 12-week program designed to take you from being someone else’s bitch to becoming the boss bitch you are meant to be. Take advantage of the expert advice you need to break the employee mould and become your own boss with a community of amazing female hustlers by your side. You’ve found your guide and your tribe, and we’ll be behind you every step of the way! Every purchase gets exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group (coming soon) this will be the place to get expert advice, join me for live chats, and be invited to exclusive events around the world.

When do you think you got stuck in this corporate nightmare?

When you finished uni, did they tell you the key to success was to land an entry-level job and climb the corporate ladder.

When you finished high school, did everyone tell you the key to success was going to university Once you’d finished your degree, you’d be guaranteed a job.

Or have you started the corporate climb, and now they tell you the key to success is to work hard for the big bucks so you can retire in style. Which means long hours, weekends, and overtime?

What about your life? Even if you haven’t gone to university (like me), you’ve most likely moved from job to job, gaining experience and knowledge but never any recognition, let alone an increase in income! To top it all off, this isn’t what you signed up for! The long commute, the missed lunch breaks, the pointless meetings, the shitty boss. There has to be more to life, right?


The good news? You can change your life and be your own boss, it really is that simple!


Do you see successful babes on social media and wonder how you can have that too? Maybe they’re friends from high school or people you look up to who are taking vacations while you're sat at work wondering if your annual leave will be approved. It is possible in this day and age to actually make crazy money from a computer screen anywhere in the world, you just need the tools to get started.

Introducing the BYOB: Escape the 9-5 & Be Your Own Boss program, your personal step-by-step program to come up with your business idea and launch it in just 12 weeks! All with the support and guidance of an experienced entrepreneur and a network of female hustlers just like you!

For the full 12 weeks, I’ll guide you through the transformation from someone’s employee to the one calling the shots.

Imagine: no more rolling out of bed to go make money for someone else, no more feeling guilted into coming in on your day off, plus more money and more FREEDOM!

Through self-paced modules, mindset work, and a step-by-step workbook designed to make you THINK BIG, you’ll identify your business idea, plan your launch and get prepared for smashing your goals by creating a business that will last the test of time.

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