Hi, I’m Tyanna.

I teach business owners, solopreneurs and beginner boss babes the steps for starting a business from the ground up and how to consistently streamline your processes and save time and money doing so.

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Tyanna's Story

The Female Hustle Network was founded by Tyanna De Assis in 2020 during one of the worst pandemics to hit the world. Tyanna decided to utilise her skills as a digital entrepreneur to help others escape their 9-5 job and not rely on someone else’s pay-check to get them through week by week. After successfully working with one of Australia’s youngest entrepreneurs and beating upwards of 60,000 applicants to snap up the ‘coolest job in the world’, Tyanna decided it was time to create a platform where others could not only learn, but support and collaborate with one another.

The Female Hustle Network offers online programs that teach the fundamentals of starting a business and becoming your own BOSS. TYANNA ASSIST is a platform that specialises in 1:1 Business Coaching, Online Courses, and Small Business Consulting. So if you feel like it's time to finally push yourself and find that level of financial freedom we all want, contact me today. We strive to build a community to help you thrive and grow as an entrepreneur.


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